Thursday, April 16, 2009

Copper for a Friend

I know it's been a while since I posted a blog and I apologize. Some of my readers have been concerned, asking where I am and if I am all right. I am very touched and I just want you to know that I am fine - just been a little busy. Now... onto my latest project.

A few weeks ago, Sharon, a very dear friend of mine asked me if I could create some pieces for her using copper. She loves the look of copper and the warmth it gives off. Of course, she had some idea of what she wanted and this is what she sent me (she wanted the bracelet without the extra chains).

Both are very nice pieces but... in my mind they are not quite her! When I design pieces for Sharon, I do them to suit her personality which is fun, loving and very out going... these pieces did not scream that to me... they were more of a whisper of what she really needed. So... I went to work. I used the same weaves (Euro 4 in 1) as the above pictures but, I added what I call the Sharon flair! Here is what I came up with!

I sent these pictures to Sharon yesterday so, I'm not spoiling the surprise for her by posting them here today :) And her response... "holy crap...these are STUNNING!! em...more like LOVE EM!!!" I think I'm safe to say, she likes them. :)

Sharon has inspired a few of my pieces so far... maybe I'm going to have to start naming my pieces by the people that inspire them... this is part of "The Sharon Collection".

Sharon - thanks for the inspiration... and most of all, thank you for allowing me to create these pieces for you!


  1. Marion,
    What can I say, U my dear friend inspire us ALL...much love! Sharon

  2. i have to agree that those are stunning! nice work marion! and nice to have you back! i missed you!


  3. Wow. Those ARE stunning. The Sharon Collection is a total success.

  4. nice and warm...
    holy crap is right very pretty....

    I see you're falling into my evil trap...
    yes you do need to learn a new craft...
    we all do..
    love all mediums and fall into the trap oftem :)
    it's good for us to keep learning and growing
    have a great weekend...
    mona &the girls