Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Featured Artisan of the Day - Ninja Jenn

My feature Artisan for today is Jenn from Ninja Jenn.

I first came across Jenn in the chatterbox forums several weeks ago. My first impression when reading her posts is... what a nice person! I was curious... what does a person with the shop name of Ninja Jenn sell? I was amazed when I checked out her shop. Jenn makes beautiful pendants from scrabble, domino and other tiles. I had never seen that done before! Jenn also creates custom pieces. Well... I had to have one. I have a ring that is engraved with... Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none (Shakespeare quote) which I wear all the time. I asked Jenn if she would create a tile for me with the same saying. The next day, Jenn contacted me with about 7 or 8 different options - here we go again... decision making time!! Luckily I was able to choose one. Here is the pendant that she made for me - I love it!

All of Jenn's pieces are made with love a great attention to detail. She is such a conscientious seller... following up to see if the pendant arrived safe, worried if you are going to like it - just amazing! On top of that, Jenn goes out of her way to help other sellers. Not only does she help in the forums but, if you go to her blog, she has tutorials on Twitter and RSS feeds. I guess my first impression of her in the forum was spot on!!

Jenn calls herself an all-around dabbler. She started out painting, has had her hands in sculpting, sewing and her current medium of choice is resin and decoupage. You have to check out her wide selection of pendants in her shop - Ninja Jenn. Here are some of my favorites!

Jenn just recently opened a new shop on Artfire - Ninja Jenn2 and I just had to check it out! The shop is new but the items she has here so far really display her artistic abilities! Here is a hand painted rosebud pot from her new shop - just beautiful!

It is my privilege to feature Jenn from Ninja Jenn!


  1. I have a Ninja Jenn tile pendant TOO! With my AF avatar: Tino in his pink hat! It's adorable, I wore it yesterday.

  2. WOW! What an AWESOME feature! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! And I can't believe you even included my new shop! You are SO awesome!!!

    <3 x 2349585490584