Monday, March 16, 2009

Featured Artist - Spoiled Bratzwear

For my first featured artisan, I have chosen Holly from Spoiled Bratzwear.

Several weeks ago, I posted a chainmaille necklace on Artfire and as usual after posting an item, I go to the studio stats and check how many views I get. Admit it... we all do it!! At the best of times, I may get 3 to 4 views. This time it was different. I was refreshing my computer and the views just kept on going up and up on this necklace... I thought my computer had a mind of it's own. Then... I got a message from Holly from Spoiled Bratzwear telling me that they are chatting about my chainmaille in one of the forums. That explained it all! Because of her comment on the forum, I've found many wonderful and talented artisans within the Artfire community. Therefore... my first featured Artisan is Spoiled Bratzwear.

Holly is a pet wellness consultant, dog rescuer and a hairdresser! She founded Holistic Hounds where you can learn all about what your dogs are eating and how it affects their overall health. She also founded - a rescue group for senior Italian greyhounds. Please check them out.

If all that isn't enough, Holly takes her sewing skills and creates fabulous petwear using unique fabrics and fun prints. This is just a sample (some of my favorites) of some of her "Spoiled Bratzwear"!

I always look forward to her new creations in the Artfire daily postings - if only I had a dog! It is truly my pleasure to feature Spoiled Bratzwear !!


  1. what a great post! and don't you just LOVE holly and her work?

    keep up the great blogging! <3

  2. Oh thank you so much, Marion!!! I'm blushing...and quite honored :0)