Monday, March 30, 2009

Romance Blossoms Contest and Etsy Treasuries

Do you ever have a vision in your mind of something you want to create but, when you go to execute it, it just doesn't turn out the way you envisioned? Well, that's what I have been going through trying to create a piece for an Etsy Chain Maillers Guild contest. The theme of the contest is Romance Blossoms and the deadline is April 1st.

Late Sunday evening I had to compromise on my vision a bit but, I finally came up with a piece that fits the theme (in my mind anyway). It's not completely finished yet but, I should have no trouble meeting the deadline. The contest is open to all members of the Esty Chain Maillers Guild and the voting is open to everyone... that includes you! Anyone who votes will be eligible to win a prize that has been donated by Guild members and there's going to be some great prizes. :) I'll post all the links and more details when the voting begins and hopefully, one of my readers will win a prize!

I woke up Sunday morning to find out that I am in not one... but two Etsy Treasuries. It's always such an honor when someone chooses one of my pieces to include in their Treasury. They expire on Tuesday so, if you have a minute please check them out... click, comment and send them some love - Thanks!!

Wired and Wound - click here for link. Chained and Beaded - click here for link.

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